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Red Orchid Spa

Spa is basically a business for the encouragement of health care and fitness. In today’s world of busy lifestyle where people don’t get time for even a communiqué, visiting a Spa can invigorate their body and soul. The main services incorporated consist of various diverse massages and water applications comprising of steam, sauna, exercise, nutritional therapy and dietary programs, yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, along with traditional and complementary medicine.

Who we are?
Red Orchid Spa is a magnificent spa structured in Gurgaon. The distinguishing façade of Red Orchid Spa is that its architecture is concept & theme based with a soothing ambience in conjunction with healing therapies. It solely offers a healing experience that is out of the ordinary. Contrasting with other spas, Red Orchid Spa has such treatment methods and concepts which give a divine healing familiarity through diverse therapies that rejuvenate the body and the soul. It is based on the traditional therapy methods and efficiency of ancient practices. All the ancient Vedas are rendered into healing therapies by us. AyurVeda is incorporated in our therapies through different methods and practices. We have frequent updated services and we firmly believe in an innovative approach through our research and development program. We always have an eye to get hold of effective healing methods as our chief endeavor is complete healing and customer satisfaction.

What we deliver?
We offer all international therapies that revitalize the body and the soul. Our services include head massage, body massage, body scrub, various diverse massages and therapies as well. Our services have a unique and innovative expression in all our massage services. Red Orchid Spa professionals are eminently trained as veterans by the Spa professional training academy. The healing characteristic of therapies is entangled with the spiritual characteristic to create a celestial experience in the healing. We concentrate on concept based therapy methods. Comforting foot massages or stimulating head massages and full body massages are all provided in tranquil environment which you can enjoy along with family or friends. Our services are diverse as well as accredited.

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